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Exam Syllabus

JEE Advanced students can use JEE Advanced Physics Syllabus to receive a detailed list of all vital topics in passing the entrance exam. The JEE Advanced Physics syllabus has been developed to provide practical and application-based learning to help students better understand each idea or topic by linking it to their everyday experiences. Moreover, some physics important chapters for JEE Advanced will help you get good scores in the examination.

Many students consider the JEE Advanced physics course to be challenging and comprehensive; as a result, it is essential to achieve a thorough comprehension of subjects from the start. After you've mastered the basics, you can go on to more advanced topics.

Furthermore, getting better grades in JEE Advanced 2022 demands a strong conceptual basis and a broad knowledge of its applications. Candidates can begin their studies with NCERT textbooks. One of the most useful resources for studying effectively is the JEE Advanced physics textbook which covers all of the topics in the syllabus. Once you've mastered the basics, concentrate on the physics important chapters for JEE Advanced in order of importance.

Important Chapters
Mathematics in physics
Unit and Dimensions
Motion in one dimension
Motion in two dimensions
Newton's law of motion
Work, power and energy
Circular Motion
Centre of mass and momentum conservation (collision)
Rotational Motion
Properties of matter and fluid mechanics
Temperature and thermal properties of matter
Kinetic theory of gases
Laws of thermodynamics
Heat transfer
Current electricity
Electromagnetic Induction
Alternating Current and EM Waves
Geometrical optics and optical instruments
Wave optics
Photoelectric effect and matter waves
Atomic structure
Nuclear physics and radioactivity
Semiconductors and Communication System
Experimental physics