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Exam Syllabus

Physical, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry are the three main areas of NEET Chemistry. Chemistry is the most scoring section when compared to Biology and Physics. Chemistry, if sufficiently prepared, can assist the students in obtaining a positive score on the exam. NEET Chemistry is worth 180 points out of 720 (180 questions) (45 Questions). As a result, students must suggest a method for the Chemistry section.

According to previous trends, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry receive nearly 36% of the weightage in the NEET Chemistry exam, while the Organic Chemistry Syllabus receives 28% of the weightage; in other circumstances, all three parts receive equal marks distribution.

To enhance your chemistry preparation go with Chemistry important chapters for neet. You can also make a detailed plan that considers all of your strengths, limitations, and exam preparation time. While all chapters of the NEET Chemistry syllabus must be thoroughly read and understood, some important chemistry chapters for neet must be prioritized.

Important Chapters
Some Basic Concepts In Chemistry
States Of Matter
Atomic Structure
Chemical Kinetics
Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure
Equilibrium(Chemical and ionic)
Redox Reactions And Electrochemistry
Surface Chemistry
Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties
General Principles And Processes Of Isolation Of Metals
S – Block Elements (Alkali And Alkaline Earth Metals)
P – Block Elements
Coordination Compounds
Environmental Chemistry
Organic Compounds Containing Halogens(Alkyl and aryl Halides)
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Solid state
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Nuclear chemistry