JEE Practice Dost

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Backlog Remover DOST

DOST will help you clear all your backlog with customized plans.
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Practice DOST

DOST will help you with the on-demand Tests, PYQs, assignments, percentile, college rank predictions and so much more.
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Formula Sheet DOST

DOST will help you create your own customized formula sheets and share some cool tips to memorize them.
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Study Material DOST

Study material DOST has 2lac+ Questions, Full theory, Examples, 4.5k+ videos, all by India's top faculty.
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Revision DOST

DOST will help you with 5 most probable questions chosen with years of experience and research by India's top faculty.
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Chanakya DOST

DOST will help you get personalized Strategies, Plan of Action. Mentorship, Doubt clearance, and Motivation in just under 12 hours!
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Speed Booster Dost

DOST will help you boost your speed effortlessly with Picking Power, Clicking Power, and Racing with All India rankers, Friends and Fellow Users.
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Boards Examiner DOST

What is JEE Practice Dost?

Are you looking to put your JEE knowledge to the test? Are you fed up with paying for every mock test? Do you want to practice against AIR toppers? JEE Practice DOST is here with all your answers.

With JEE Practice DOST, you have the power to customise your practice duration, difficulty, and various other parameters and identify your areas of weakness. Practice with the Acadza JEE Practice DOST, and worry no more!

Practice unlimited Assignments, Tests, PYQs, and Super Tough Questions to win your dream seat with JEE Practice Dost!

How Dost can help?

Old Method

New Method

One size fits all models with no option for personalization and adaptiveness.

A hyper-personalization model with customizations and adaptiveness based on Difficulty level, Time availability, and Multiple Question Types.

Need to refer to various study materials to find PYQs and Challenging questions.

An all-in-one solution with everything you need from study materials, PYQs, and Super Tough Questions with NO EXTRA CHARGES.

Additional charges for any Mock Tests.

No additional charges for unlimited mock tests.

No mock test/assignment analysis.

Mock Test and Assignment analysis with AI-based predictions for ranks, colleges, and streams.

Outdated and repetitive assignments are not personalized according to the user's needs.

Latest, personalized, and updated assignments are made to cater to the users of different needs.

Directionless preparation with no records for the danger areas and shortcomings.

Marks and helps you find the danger areas and shortcomings.

Super difficult to refer to at the last moment as it's all just a big mess of all the study material.

Super easy to revise just before the exam for a quick, On-point, and crisp overview.