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Study Material DOST
(Full Syllabus)

Study material DOST has 2lac+ Questions, Full theory, Examples, 4.5k+ videos, all by India's top faculty.
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Practice DOST

DOST will help you with the on-demand Tests, PYQs, assignments, percentile, college rank predictions and so much more.
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Formula Sheet DOST

DOST will help you create your own customized formula sheets and share some cool tips to memorize them.
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Backlog Remover DOST

DOST will help you clear all your backlog with customized plans.
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Revision DOST

DOST will help you with 5 most probable questions chosen with years of experience and research by India's top faculty.
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Chanakya DOST

DOST will help you get personalized Strategies, Plan of Action. Mentorship, Doubt clearance, and Motivation in just under 12 hours!
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Speed Booster Dost

DOST will help you boost your speed effortlessly with Picking Power, Clicking Power, and Racing with All India rankers, Friends and Fellow Users.
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Boards Examiner DOST



How does Speed Booster DOST Make You a Cheetah?


Traditional method


ACADZA DOST Super Solution

Practice like all day long and still running behind the time.

Practice efficiently, the study can be fun too and give you better results.

The Hard Work - Learn, Revise, Practice.

The Smart Work - Plan, Focus, and Practice.

Confused over questions and sub-concepts eats up most of your time.

The Picking and clicking power teaches you to efficiently use time.

Revise in the same old boring way over and over again.

Compete with All India Rankers, Friends, and Fellow users.

A limited number of revisions.

Unlimited revisions to help you ace.

What is Speed Booster Dost?

Speed Booster Dost is one of the most efficient dost because it helps you increase your speed not just by practicing it over and over again but through creative ways because Smart Work is better than Hard Work.

Improve your ability to choose smarter questions in the exams and place your bets only on the best with Picking Power. The catch is that you can only choose one of the related sub-concepts to the question. By restricting the options down to answering the questions, the learner can improve their capacity to make faster judgments.

You can also improve your speed with Picking power. Given the exam's time limits, you will be given five questions from which to choose four that you believe should be answered. As not all questions are to be answered in the exam, you should be able to quickly pick which ones to focus on and which to avoid.

You can also increase your speed by competing against a friend, the All India Rankers, or another Acadza user. You can track your progress versus your opponent in real-time with this one. Once you've mastered your speed, you'll be able to get halfway through your exams.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us on this joy ride.