Chanakya Dost

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Backlog Remover DOST

DOST will help you clear all your backlog with customized plans.
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Practice DOST

DOST will help you with the on-demand Tests, PYQs, assignments, percentile, college rank predictions and so much more.
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Formula Sheet DOST

DOST will help you create your own customized formula sheets and share some cool tips to memorize them.
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Study Material DOST

Study material DOST has 2lac+ Questions, Full theory, Examples, 4.5k+ videos, all by India's top faculty.
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Revision DOST

DOST will help you with 5 most probable questions chosen with years of experience and research by India's top faculty.
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Chanakya DOST

DOST will help you get personalized Strategies, Plan of Action. Mentorship, Doubt clearance, and Motivation in just under 12 hours!
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Speed Booster Dost

DOST will help you boost your speed effortlessly with Picking Power, Clicking Power, and Racing with All India rankers, Friends and Fellow Users.
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Boards Examiner DOST

What is Chanakya DOST?

First of all, take a deep breath. ACADZA has just found the right solution for you - The Chanakya Dost. This Dost is right here for all the academic problems, and confusion and guides you throughout the process between preparations and exams. Students go through many doubts and problems while preparing for the exams.

Trust me there are no extra additional charges, you get the solution and support from the mentorship. Chanakya Dost has so many things stored for you.

Practicing with your mentor will improve your confidence and reduce your mistakes. Trust us, this is the kick you need to excel in the entrance exam and target the college that’s best for you! Are you ready to rock the result? The Acadza Chanakya Dost is waiting for you.

How Dost can help?

Old Method

New Method

One-solution-fits all model

Personalized Mentorship Journey designed to cater to unique needs

Group Mentorship Sessions with no personal attention.

One-on-one dedicated mentorship journey.

Available only session on time.

24*7 available for doubt sessions.

Inconsistent or lost record

Track your previous journey with mentorship history